Audi Masterclass

Managing Risk With Xavier de Le Rue

Special Guest: Olympic mental coach Jörg Wetzel

25 January 2022 / Verbier, Switzerland (online) / [7m CET / 19:00 Uhr MEZ]

The Audi Masterclass live from Verbier on the topic of Managing Risk. Register now for the interactive livestream on 25 January at 7 p.m., follow the masterclass and participate from home.  We look forward to seeing you. 

Managing Risk

Join legendary snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue and mental coach Jörg Wetzel in Verbier, Switzerland for a special livestream event. On the program: an in-depth exploration of risk management concepts and mental training practices that are useful not just for freeriding, but for life in general. Register now for the free interactive masterclass on 25 January at 7pm CET, and mark your calendar to be sure not to miss this special opportunity.


“Freeriding is like no other sport because of so many uncontrollable variables. It’s not about perfecting a move over and over; it’s about gathering information and experience, and developing a way of accessing a very tough-to-predict environment with a maximal margin of safety.” - Xavier de Le Rue


We’re excited to have you join us.


The masterclass will include the following topics:

Planning & Preparation: A safe, successful freeride excursion begins long before anyone sets foot in the snow. Xavier de Le Rue will guide a conversation through the preliminary stages of preparing for a trip into the backcountry, from route planning and weather forecasting to equipment checks and onsite snow evaluation.

In Action: All the planning in the world means nothing without proper decision-making in the field. De Le Rue will share his knowledge on interacting with the mountain environment, continually gathering information during a tour, analyzing local terrain and conditions, developing backup plans, and the value of trusting your gut feelings and intuition.

Lessons Learned: Over decades of exploits in mountains around the world, de Le Rue’s first-hand experience is second to none. He will divulge valuable insights and takeaways from his years of surviving and thriving in the world’s most challenging snowboarding terrain, and how these experiences have shaped his personal approach to the balance between performance and safety.

Mental training: De Le Rue will be joined by special guest Jörg Wetzel. A mental coach and sports psychologist for the Swiss Olympic team, Wetzel is intimately acquainted with the mental strategies that encourage top athletic performance in the most demanding situations. Wetzel’s expertise lies in fortifying world-class athletes with a competitive mindset, but his insights are equally applicable to the field of freeriding, as well as life’s daily challenges off of the slopes.

Xavier de Le Rue

His list of achievements may be long and his trophy cabinet full, but Xavier de Le Rue is, at heart, simply a lover of the mountains. Over decades of top-level competition, groundbreaking film parts and far-flung expeditions, the French snowboard legend has left his own unique mark on the sport. Hailing from the Pyrenees but based in Verbier, de Le Rue can be found chasing powder and challenging lines across the Alps and beyond. In recent years, he has pivoted towards sharing his deep wealth of knowledge with others. His current webisode series “How to XV” and podcast “The Sustainability Dialogues” explore topics including mountain safety, climate change, the environment and beyond.

Jörg Wetzel

As a sports psychologist for the Swiss Olympic team, Jörg Wetzel’s day-to-day job revolves around preparing top athletes for the mental challenges they’ll face in some of the world’s most competitive and demanding situations. With over two decades of experience, Wetzel is recognized as a preeminent expert in the field of sports psychology, and is the author of the book Gold — Mental stark zur Bestleistung (Gold — A strong mindset for the best performance). Beyond athletics, Wetzel’s expertise includes team-building, mental strength in daily life and on the job, dealing with failure and building self-confidence. Whether in sport, business or everyday life, he’s well-equipped with strategies and regimens to help anyone reach and maintain a higher level of performance.


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